Where are you located?
  We are located just one minute north of exit 218 off Highway 401, Ingersoll, at 316 Harris Street. To get more detailed directions, go to our Location page.
What are your business hours?
  We are generally open seven days a week from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, but because we are a family business and our business is part of our home, we do tend to close on occasion due to personal commitments and appointments as well as collecting and buying trips. In light of this, we always recommend that you call first, especially if you are coming from a distance and/or are bringing a large group as we would hate for you to waste your time and money to only find us closed. If you are in the neighbourhood, feel free to just drop by, since, if we are closed, you haven’t gone out of your way. To get a hold of us by phone or email, please go to our Contact Us page.
Who are your customers?
  We have a diverse customer base ranging from people who are just being introduced to the world of stones for geological and/or metaphysical purposes, to people who are looking for unique gifts, to collectors who are searching for rare or unusual specimens, to our loyal, longtime customers whose passion for minerals and fossils drives our own and delves us deeper into the underground world with which Mother Nature has blessed us.
What is a mineral?
  A mineral is a naturally occurring inorganic solid, with a definite chemical composition, an ordered atomic structure, and specific physical properties which has been formed through geological processes.
 Sodalite  Malachite    
What is a crystal?
  A crystal is a crystalized form of a mineral. Most minerals can grow into crystal structures if they have enough space as they grow. Some minerals do not look like crystals because the crystals are too small to be seen without a microscope or they have been broken.
Quartz  Amethyst
What is a fossil?
  A fossil is the remains or evidence of a prehistoric animal or plant that has been replaced by various minerals, namely limestone.
Pyrite_Brachiopod  Ammonite
How do you obtain your specimens?
  The fascination with minerals and fossils began over 60 years ago, so many of our specimens have been personally collected by us on our numerous trips, throughout the years, in Canada and the United States. The remainder of our stock is handpicked by us at mineral shows, including the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, which is the largest gem and mineral show in the world.
Will I be able to find specimens in my price range?
  Yes, you certainly will be able to. We pride ourselves on having a wide price range and therefore are always happy to help you find a similar specimen if your original choice is not financially right for you. We also pride ourselves on the quality of our specimens, but we do sometimes compromise on quality a bit in order to make our merchandise more affordable for everyone. We do not believe only the wealthy should have access to the stones and their benefits. That said, some minerals and fossils, namely due to rarity, are always more expensive compared to specimens in greater abundance.
Are raw specimens better than polished specimens?
  Before answering this question, it must be said that the stones and one’s experiences with them are extremely personal. Due to this fact, there is no definite answer for this question or others that will follow. People’s opinions, suggestions, and preferences will be stated.
  Some people only buy raw specimens, while others only buy polished, yet some people buy both. It really is up to you and your purpose. If you are wanting a pocket stone or a specimen for under your pillow, polished is probably better with regards to comfort. A jagged edge or a sharp point might discourage use. In addition, if you are using the stones on others for healing purposes, raw specimens may irritate sensitive clients. Some people do believe though that raw specimens emit the purest energies and are more efficient with regards to healing.
Are larger specimens better than smaller ones?
  This question involves more than a simple yes/no answer. As stated in a previous answer, it is our opinion that fossils and minerals are not just for the wealthy, therefore the energy found in a smaller specimen is just as healing as the energy in a larger one. However, if you are wanting to clear a large space of negative energy, we wouldn’t advise you to buy a tumbled stone, as it would not be able to absorb as much energy as a larger specimen, and it would need to be cleansed more frequently. That said, you by no means would need to buy the largest mineral in the store, just one that would better suit your purpose. (e.g. an average-sized specimen)
How do you know if a mineral/crystal is right for you?
  As stated in a previous answer, due to the personal nature of the individual stones, there is no exact answer for this question, but the more common reactions and experiences will be given. Oftentimes, individuals will be drawn to a particular specimen and/or stone but they won’t necessarily know why. They will just find themselves coming back again and again to the same piece and/or being drawn to different specimens of the same stone. When this happens, we encourage the individuals to read about the minerals so they can understand their connection to them. It is remarkable how the stones know who they are meant for, before the individuals come to that realization. The stones usually are for immediate problems, but sometimes they come to individuals beforehand, again knowing people’s needs prior to the actual problems arising. Once a particular mineral has chosen you or vice versa, there are a few ways to determine which specimen is best for you. When holding the specimens, you may find that one warms up, gives you a tingling sensation, or brings a sense of calm over you. Any one of these reactions, or any other responses that reveal your connection with the stone’s energy, will indicate the correct specimen for you.
What are the benefits of crystals?
  For thousands of years, ancient cultures have used crystals for their healing properties and they are still used today. Every crystal has specific properties with regards to one’s psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. If you have a physical ailment or are having difficulty with an aspect of your life, there are crystals which can help you. That said, with regards to serious medical illnesses, the crystals should only be used in addition to your doctor’s orders, not in lieu of. Please seek medical attention when needed. When looking for a crystal for a specific purpose, you will almost always have a choice, as there isn’t just one crystal for each problem. In order to choose the best crystal for yourself, it is necessary to read about each one, so you can find the crystal with which you have the greatest connection.
How do you cleanse crystals?
  As stated in a previous answer, crystals are extremely personal, so due to this fact, it is the individual’s choice as to which method is used. The following are ways in which to cleanse your crystals:
– hold under running water (faucet, stream, river, waterfall)
– immerse in the sea or in salt water (an hour or two)
– place in the light of the sun or moon (a few hours)
– place in sea or rock salt (a few hours)
– smudge
– pass through the light from a candle
– place on a Clear Quartz cluster (overnight)
– place in a bag with Carnelian (ideal for tumbled stones)
– visualize surrounding white light
  Although it is the individual’s choice, some methods are not appropriate for all of the stones. For example, a water soluble mineral cannot be held or placed in water, as it will disintegrate. Furthermore, minerals that fade in the sun should obviously not be placed in it. In spite of the fact that Clear Quartz and Carnelian can cleanse other minerals, they are not self cleaning crystals, so they will need to be cleansed afterwards. The only crystals that never need cleansing are Citrine, Kyanite, and Azeztulite.
What are chakras?
  Chakras are energy centers in our bodies. There are ten chakras in total, but focus is usually centered on the seven main chakras: base/root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow/third eye, and crown. The chakras are located in a line aligned with our spines. It is believed that when one or more of our chakras is out of alignment and the flow of energy is blocked, we experience pain on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. To bring our chakras back into balance and harmony, healers place specific stones on the misaligned chakra(s). Each chakra is associated with particular crystals and has a corresponding colour.
**Please feel free to email us with your questions and we will respond to them individually as well as post those that are of general interest.**

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